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The World´s most advanced technology for coffee processing at farm level.


Power (HP) = 0.75

Capacity Kg cc/h = 250-300

Kg.cc/h = Kilogramo de café cereza por hora


Increase of Net Income     

  • Greater Capacity.
  • More dried coffee.
  • Better physical coffee quality compared with the traditional method.
  • Lower cost of contamination.
  • Lower cost of hand labor.
  • Add value to products pulp and mucilage.

Social and Enviromental Benefits     

  • Less water consumption. 
  • Specific water consumption of 0.6 liters per Kg or dried parchment coffee.
  • Contamination reduction.
  • More comfortable work enviroment for the operators.
  • The operators have more time to share with their families.

Quality Equipments   

  • Electrostatic paint, urethane based.
  • Agitators made of Nylon or Aluminum.
  • Case in stainless steel.
  • Screw impeller made in stainless steel.
  • Electric motors by US Motors brand.
  • Electric Protections.
  • Good finishing of the parts.
  • Warranty for fabrication defects and good post-sale service.

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