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Gaviota 600

Gaviota 600


CAPACITY Kg. Cc/h = 500-600

Kg.cc/h = Kilogramo de café cereza por hora


1. Easy To calibrate  

  • Gaviota was designed to be calibrated by tightening only two calibrations bolts..
  • For largers fruits is required to place two gauges between the support and the pulper chest.
  • The pulper chest is never touched by the teethed cylinder, reducing risk of mechanical damage.
  • The pulper does not require specialized personnel for calibration.

2. Teethed cylinder and chest are easy to replace

  • The modular design of Gaviota makes easier to replace the teethed cylinder and chest, thus, specialized personnel is not required.
  • The teethed cylinders and chest of are made of reinforced NYLON, which avoids stops caused by contacting hard objects like stones, nuts and others.

3. Light and easy to operate     

Gaviota is made of engineering plastics - reinforced NYLON, which is resistant to impact stresses and wear.

4. Automatic Feeding  

has a stainless steel screw conveyor as feeder, which guarantees the mass flow of coffee fruits at which it was designed.

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